Founded in 1992, FS began as a small collective of students looking to give back to their community. 

Today, we are one of the largest and most successful student-run fashion shows in the United Kingdom. 


Each academic year, we host two events to fundraise for our elected chartable partner: Starfields, a vibrant music festival in September, and the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show (FS) in February. From 2011-2019, we also hosted the Young Designer Award (YDA) program – an annual, nationwide competition for the U.K.’s most promising up-and-coming designers. 


In 28 years, we have raised over half a million pounds in donations and helped a new generation of talented young designers start their fashion careers. 


To highlight the role all students play in determining the future of the fashion industry and to engage students in deserving philanthropic causes. 

 FS 2 0 2 1

 As the next generation of the fashion industry, we are taking our first steps toward sustainability. We recognize our responsibility to pursue sustainable alternatives and raise awareness for more sustainable choices in the fashion industry.


At minimum, 20% of the collections in the FS2021 Show will exemplify 

sustainable design practices, like

zero-waste and upcycling. Beyond the runway, we pledge to eliminate as much single-use plastic as possible at our events and partner with ecologically accountable sponsors. We are also encouraging guests to be conscious consumers by not purchasing new clothing for our events and instead, turning to eco alternatives, such as wearing biodegradable glitter. 


This is only our beginning. 


Stella Coulter

Executive Director 


Sophia Do

Creative Director


Gemma Borra-Paley

Logistics Director