FS x Adults London

Charlie Park’s central idea behind Adults is that at any age, one can just decide to be an “adult”, take control and stop doing what they do not want to; the majority of people take little ownership of their life and simply go with the flow. Park’s issue with this flow is that it’s been specifically designed to produce corporate shills “content with 40 hours of fluorescent tube lighting a week”. The imagery he uses are all things that facilitate the “Adults” lifestyle: from Buddhist teachings to psychedelics, all the way to the amsterdam jacket which celebrates the Netherlands’ libertarian economic policy.

As well as maturing in message, this collection also marks Adults’ commitment to minimizing damage to the environment and to the humans making the clothes. Much of the collection is made using organic fibers such as hemp, 100% organic cotton, and even recycled cotton. Park has done his due diligence to make sure that all items were produced ethically. Everything besides the tees and hoodies–which are FairWear Foundation and GOTS Certified–is manufactured in Germany or in East London. Aside from worker safety regulations being much stricter in these places, these measures also reduce the amount of oil spent transporting the clothes from the factory to the customer. However, Park wants those who wear his clothes to be a little reckless: “Be who you want to be, DIY everything, sell fucking paperclips as long as you get to retain your personal autonomy.”