Daye Tampons Review

By Stella Coulter

Those who know me know I’m a classic oversharer- very rarely is my internal dialogue internal at all. So, when I was asked to try out a new tampon and write about it for all to see, I leapt at the opportunity, naturally. How could I pass up sharing personal and intimate details about me?

Let’s just get this one straight, getting your period is not fun. My typical approach is to forget that it exists until I am brazenly surprised to find that I need to create a makeshift pad out of toilet paper and haul-ass to the nearest drugstore to buy whatever box of tampons I see first. Am I alone in this monthly ritual? But when you really think about it, shouldn’t we consider more heavily what goes in our body when we spend hours and years trying to find the perfect moisturizers and concealers, checking every ingredient against a big no-no product list (check out Credo Clean Standard’s ‘Dirty List’ for more info on that one)? Well, that’s what everybody at Daye thought too. It turns out, in the EU tampons aren’t regulated as medical devices even though the layer of your vaginal canal that comes into direct contact with tampons is connected directly to your bloodstream. Even though Daye isn’t required to, they produce their tampons in pharmaceutical-grade cleanrooms, matching the standards enforced for medical devices, making sure each one is sanitized before getting packaged and sent to your door! And on that note, let’s talk about the ease of a subscription that you can match up to your cycle, effectively ending that annoying monthly ritual I mentioned above.

The packaging is thin enough that the delivery person can slip it through the mailbox so no worrying about being out of the house when they come. Plus, the box the tampons come in is made of recycled paper and is recyclable itself, keeping in eco-friendly style with their dissolvable tampon wrappers (entertainment for the bathroom as well as a more environmentally friendly option than plastic wrappers), sugarcane-based applicators, and biodegradable tampons (yes they are biodegradable even after use!). I wondered why they didn’t just opt to make non-applicator tampons, but it turns out it's because of Daye's special design, they need to be sealed until they are fully inserted. One of those special design features a protective sleeve that keeps the tampons from shedding fibres into your vagina when in use, they have to be kept sealed until fully inserted. Why don’t you want fibres being shed into your vagina? Because foreign materials make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can then create yeast infections which no one wants! The tampons themselves are a little less absorbent than your classic Tampax, meaning you have to change them a little bit more often, but that doesn’t really bother me when switching to a company that is so much more transparent about their practices.

Next onto their CBD tampons: okay first off, CBD will not get you high! While it is a derivative of the cannabis plant, CBD is not made up of the molecules that have psychoactive properties (that would be THC). CBD is used for a variety of reasons, but in the context of their use in tampons, CBD has been shown to treat different kinds of chronic pain, inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Basically, it’s there to help with the dreaded period cramps you might get at the beginning of your cycle that makes you want to crawl into the foetal position and stay in bed all day. I decided to do the first day of my period on regular tampons and the second on CBD to try and do my very own (not) professional (non) clinical trial. I did notice a difference or rather a lack of pain on the second day, but hey, that’s just me. And just because I love you all so much and wanted to go to the depths of reviewerdom, not because I was being silly (...), I signed up with an email that was misspelled which allowed me the need to reach out to their customer service for help. When I reached out over Instagram DM they responded immediately and handled the whole thing for me, not making me feel like a total dummy in the process. Gold star service, check.

DM @fs.standrews to get your hands on Daye’s adorable masks as well, which they have generously donated to us to sell in support of our charity this year: Fear Free.

Shop Daye here, and look out for them at our events next semester around the loos!