ecoeats x FS

By Cordelia Hare

For those who are unfamiliar with St Andrews’ newest food delivery service, ecoeats was launched in February 2020 by St Andrews students, Phil Houseley and Stewart McGown. ecoeats delivers solely via bicycle and electric car, and by using these delivery methods, they are not only carbon neutral, but have saved over 1250kg in Co2 since September.

Phil came up with the idea for ecoeats while working as a delivery cyclist in the food delivery industry, and seeing firsthand how the industry was shifting to larger vehicles, more emissions, and horrible environmental consequences. Taking into account that urban delivery emissions are set to increase by over 30% by 2030, Phil saw an opportunity to push for a fundamental shift in the delivery industry: zero emissions, and a fairer deal for their cyclists, for their partners, and for their community. He then teamed up with Stewart and the service was launched within the month!

Since their February launch, ecoeats have had 5000 customers order through them and currently have upwards of 100 riders. They look for riders who have a passion for sustainability and who are interested in the wonderful world that developing a startup will introduce you to.

ecoeats is unique because it aims to genuinely provide a fairer deal for everyone involved. While their main unique selling proposition is their zero-emissions delivery platform, making them comparatively much better for the environment than other competitors, ecoeats is more than that.

They provide their partners with rates that are geared towards respect and support rather than gross profit. In addition to their delivery services, ecoeats is also constantly looking for ways to further engage with the community in the form of partnerships, blogs, and sustainability awareness campaigns. To learn how to be more proactive about sustainability in St Andrews, check out their blog.

They also contribute to local community projects, by donating to CASA (Community Action St Andrews) for example, and they further supported their partners by rebating their profits to their partners over the peak of Covid restrictions.

ecoeats aims to promote what they can where they can in our little corner of the world, so that we can collectively shift to a greener tomorrow. The more we can support these small grassroots enterprises that champion a more holistic sustainable and ethical approach to business, the better the world will be.