Mondays are for the Music

Every month, on the last Monday of the month, the FS Music team will give you an update on our progress towards the show and Starfields. We will also feature interviews with certain artists who are in line with the curation of the sound of the 2021 show mix.

Every month, we’ll link you to new music and this month we launch our playlist which will be updated monthly. The theme of this playlist is rooted in house, dance, and electronic and is perfect as background music for small cocktail gatherings, working out, or anything in between!

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In this month’s iteration, as the first installment we’re going to introduce you to the 2021 music team:

Name: James Patrick Wearmouth

Role: Head of Music

So, James who’s your favourite artist? Any song suggestions for us?

I don’t have one favourite, but two artist go-to’s: Claptone (Berlin House duo) and Malaa (French Bass House artist). They both excite me from a production sense and from a live performance angle – I would recommend seeing both live – they are phenomenal.

My favourite track of the summer has got to be a recent release from London Grammar with their new single: Baby It’s You. The track gives me shivers and London Grammar are by far my favourite group on the planet, so I am excited to hear music after three years of silence!

Also, shameless promotion…but check out our lockdown playlist which will provide you with all of our summer essential music picks.

What’s your favourite genre of music? 

House, plain and simple. It fuels the soul and makes the night come alive.

Why FS music?

Last year, even though the graft was real, with everything from sitting in a tent for 18 hours at its peak to performing for thousands right through to organising the biggest student music festival in the UK. It’s a truly magical and unrivaled musical experience and I couldn’t get it anywhere else at the university or even in the UK. What we do is different, unique, and fun but most importantly with our philanthropic aim at its core, worthwhile.

Name: Reed Mullen

Role: Head of Music’s Assistant

So, Reed, who’s your favourite artist? And the song you’re listening to most to at the moment? 

If I had to pick...currently my favourite chill artist, who has been seeing me through the summer, is Nahko and Medicine for the People as its summery vibe allows me to connect with nature. As far as a favourite song, I’d have to say Matoma’s Old Thing Back which is a remix of the Notorious B.I.G’s hit ‘Want That Old Thing Back’ - it immediately sends me to a summery place of relaxation and fun. 

What’s your favourite genre of music? 

As clichéd as it sounds, I don’t really listen to a particular genre in particular instead, I have a huge variety of music with different styles - whatever makes me feel good at the time is what I’ll play.

Why FS music and what are you looking forward to most this year?

I think that without music the magic which is the fashion show would not shine and so its importance is vital. The role of music is to create the atmosphere of the show and has to be carefully crafted so that it can perfectly complement the models and having seen the 2020 show I wanted the opportunity to go on this creative journey with the rest of the team. Along with the fashion show, FS runs Starfields which is one of most attended student events at the university and certainly the one which people seem to enjoy and have the most fun at. For me, a reimagined Starfields under the circumstances which we are faced by this year is what I am most looking forward to this year. 

Name: Ben Alderton

Role: Music Team

So, Ben, you got a Favourite artist and song for us?

I’d have to say Chase & Status without a shadow of a doubt and Roll the Dice by Shy FX is an absolute tune.

Why FS Music?

FS has always been - and remains - at the cutting edge of the St. Andrews music scene, organising the most prestigious events in the student calendar: Starfields and the St. Andrews Charity Fashion Show. It’s also a great team, identifying and working with top-level talent and drawing on diverse experience to continue to deliver sell-out events. A lot for us to live up to; no pressure!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Constantly reinventing the format to respond to the rapidly evolving tastes of the student body. COVID-19 is certainly a huge challenge, but also a great opportunity to bring our student community back together after the long lockdown. We all have only one university experience and the excellence of FS plays a key role in creating shared memories for life. It’s a massively stimulating challenge to be part of the team working to get this right!

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