Sapling Spirits x FS

By Armand Capart

“A recent study found that an average bottle of vodka uses 2.8kg of carbon before it reaches its customer. One of our trees can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime, making each of our bottles significantly carbon positive.”

This year St Andrews Charity Fashion Show is proud to be partnering with Sapling Spirits which will be providing our events with ethically produced vodka. While the beverage industry, and more specifically the spirit industry, are only starting to transition to more sustainable and ethical production mechanisms, certain brands such as Sapling are pioneering the path for change. The ideology behind their brand is ‘producing vodka of the highest quality and giving back to the earth that brings forth our wheat.’

Produced in the heart of London, Sapling vodka is four times distilled from 100% British wheat. The high starch content of the wheat leaves a natural sweet and round taste. This allows the vodka to blend beautifully into a wide range of cocktails.

The product isn’t just good but does good as well. For every bottle produced a new tree is planted across a number of different landscapes with a number of tree partners, always with the aim to benefit local communities. In addition to reforesting otherwise urbanized landscapes, the trees help in the fight against carbon's rising presence in the atmosphere. As each bottle of Sapling in turn plants a tree, it is not just carbon neutral but actually carbon positive.

More about the social projects:

Sapling works with three major partners on their tree projects locally, nationally, and internationally. Locally within the London area, Sapling works with ‘Trees for Cities’. Trees for Cities' goal is to increase the city’s resilience to urban pollution and emphasize educating younger generations about their natural environment.

Nationally, Sapling partners with ‘Food and Forest,’ contributing specifically to their agroforestry projects in Suffolk. Food and Forest’s work is mutually beneficial both financially and environmentally. Environmentally their programs decrease the use of chemicals and increase water retention, leading to a reduction in soil loss and the recovery of the pollinator environment. This not only helps local Suffolk farmers but also the surrounding areas.

Lastly, Sapling partners on international projects with the ‘High Atlas Foundation’ located in Morocco, to promote a participatory approach to renewing their land's natural environment. This gives members of the community high levels of involvement and bolsters leadership skills, and ultimately raises their living standards and financial incomes.

Overall, Sapling Spirits seeks to make a high-quality product which benefits stakeholders as well, simultaneously getting the consumers involved and interested in global issues and their solutions. A fun way to see the impact of buying a bottle of Sapling vodka is to use their tree tracker tool on their website, which enables you to see where the tree associated with your bottle was planted and see the impact it has and you have made.

Look out on our social media for the Sapling Spirit giveaway so you can try it, and decide for yourself! Also, keep an eye out for their products at FS 2021 events.