The FS Fresher Rep Experience

By Carleton Blackwell

Current committee members and previous fresher reps, Carleton Blackwell and Sophia Wasserman (2nd and 3rd from right respectively), with friends enjoying an FS Vic Night!

As the FS2021 committee is hard at work preparing for the upcoming year of fun events, we are also looking to expand. The search for the invaluable addition to our committee of Fresher Reps is underway.

Being an FS Fresher Rep allows first-years to get involved with more than just one of the largest student-run charity fashion shows in the UK. FS is a highlight of the social calendar year-round at St Andrews, with the music festival, Starfields, capping off Freshers Week every September (which is currently postponed due to COVID-19), the collection of Vic nights hosted throughout the year, and, of course, the fashion show in February.

There are two sides to being a fresher rep for FS: the work and the benefits. As Internal Consultant, Ibby Maruca, explains “through marketing, meeting the committee members, and hands-on helping with set-up, being a freshers rep definitely gives a behind-the-scenes look at FS that very few people get.” As a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to create videos that got posted on FS’s social media and take BTS footage of set-up. Many of my friends were dressers, working backstage to organize models during the show. Current FS choreography committee member, Sophia Wasserman, who was an FS2020 Fresher Rep remembers her time as a dresser being rewarding, saying “whether it was the run-throughs or the real deal, nothing beat being backstage with all the music, designs, committee members, models, and of course amazing friends!”

The benefits, however, go far beyond the job description. The 2020 Fresher Reps were an automatic connection, many of them still being my close friends, and a doorway to making friends with upperclassmen, who provided me with invaluable advice and made St Andrews feel like a home. Front of House committee member, Serena Home, says being a fresher rep is “a great way to get to know the committee and also meet other freshers with similar interests.” FS2020 Corporate Director, Indigo Jones, started her career with FS as a fresher rep. As Head of Press her third year, Indigo was in charge of recruiting Fresher Reps (one of them being our very own FS2021 Creative Director Sophia Do). Having her academic kids in mind, she adopted almost all her kids at the first fresher rep social. So, for any incoming fresher worried about finding an academic family with mandatory quarantine and social distancing, FS is a great place to start. Indigo also sums up being a Fresher Rep perfectly saying, “It’s a great way to a) get your foot in the door and meet people on the committee and b) see the different role because it’s really up to [fresher reps] how they want to be involved.” In addition to the connections made, a lot of the satisfaction of being a Fresher Rep is about being part of something bigger than yourself. FS is a long-standing St Andrews tradition that’s raised over half a million pounds for charity, and Fresher Reps play a significant role in it. It also opens the door to more opportunities as Maruca says, “I’ve loved seeing reps get even more involved in following years, as a bunch have gone on to join the committee.” For any incoming first year with a passion for art, fashion, photography, music, event planning, and so many other passions, FS Fresher Reps is a fantastic opportunity in taking the first step to figuring out who you want to be at St Andrews.

Be the face and voice of FS2021 for the class of 2024—applications open August 10th for FS2021 Fresher Reps.

Current committee member and previous Fresher Rep Serena Home backstage at FS2020.