Twenty-six years later

and the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show (FS) continues to initiate and expand on current issues within society through our events and original art. Indeed, since its inception, FS has grown in size, reach and grandeur in order to fundamentally affect change throughout our community.  

Already surrounded by history in the town of St Andrews, FS aims to leave a legacy of its own amongst the student body, the town, and around the world. With a student population of over 10,000 from 140+ nationalities, the FS committee presents a diverse collective of innovative and creative minds determined to share narratives dealing with current societal issues. The St Andrews Charity Fashion show began as a creative outlet for St Andrews students to voice their beliefs through the medium of fashion. Currently in its twenty-seventh year, FS has established its own brand in the fashion world, and is proud to be one of the largest, and the most successful student-run organisation in the UK. With such growth comes a larger influence both near and far to St Andrews, allowing our organisation to help both key British charities along ambitious and young and British designers alike.

Driven by the core mission of our organisation, philanthropy, each year our committee creates two flagship events: Starfields (our music festival) and FS (the titular, main event). Furthermore, each year we work hard to renew our interaction with the students of St Andrews, and uphold our good-standing town-and-gown relations. From these events, we aim to make a difference and meet the goals of our chosen charity. FS facilitates a collaboration between fashion, charity, and history upon which emerging designers gain recognition, established brands become staples amongst students, and real change is brought to those in need. With the support and involvement of the student body and further afield, we aim to raise awareness and funds for our chosen charitable partner. Each year, we are dedicated to collaborating with a charity that is capable of fostering an intertwinement with our student community, so that we can maximise the reach of our charitable efforts.






We hope that through this site, you will find all the information necessary about the heritage and vision of FS.

For a quarter of a century, FS has been a pioneer amongst student-run events. Indeed, the brand and organisation has grown immeasurably since its inception, proudly establishing itself as the largest and most successful student-run organisation in the UK. It is unparalleled in its success, innovation and progression.

By entering its twenty-sixth year, however, we turn our focus and anticipation towards the next twenty-five years. To mark this transition, our annual launch event, Starfields, was our most successful one hitherto. With acclaimed acts such as Disciples, Bondax and Route 94 in attendance, some 2,300 University Students took to Lower College Lawn, St. Andrews in September in aid of our newly nominated charity.

Indeed, driven by an intrinsic charitable ambition, we have partnered with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families this year. It is a children’s mental health charity, which brings together leaders in neuroscience, mental health, social care and education to work together to improve understanding and practice with the aim of transforming current mental health provision in the UK. This transformation is achieved through improving the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of treatment.

After such an impressive turnaround from the postponement last year to ensure that FS2017 and the 25th anniversary went ahead, I have no doubt that this eclectic organisation shall continue to go from strength-to-strength as we pave the way into the next 25 years of FS.


Joel Othen-Lawson

Executive Director FS2018