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what charity means to us

Charity lies at the heart of the FS organisation. It is our commitment to raising both funds and awareness for inspiring causes that drive every person involved in FS to execute their positions with utmost passion and integrity.


In order to inform our community about the vast amount of charitable causes that exist, FS partners with a different charity annually. In recent years we have focused on the pressing issues of homelessness, mental health, and sustainability. We have integrated these charitable missions into all aspects of our events and have successfully achieved our goal of educating our audience about these causes whilst raising funds to help these organisations further their goals.


FS charity 2020/2021 

In light of Covid-19, we have decided to focus on the issue of domestic abuse. With governments worldwide imposing lockdowns to contain the virus, people living in abusive households are even more at risk. Many people are and will continue to feel and be unsafe isolating in a house with an abusive person, and being isolated from their support networks.


Subsequently, FS has officially partnered with FearFree, a partnership service between SacroShakti Women’s AidRespect and LGBT Youth Scotland. FearFree is the only person centred service in Scotland for LGBTQ+ victims of domestic abuse. FearFree was created because domestic abuse can happen to anyone. Although men’s violence against women is more prevalent, domestic abuse exists in every kind of relationship. FearFree is a gender-informed service, recognising that the needs of men, and the needs of LGBTQ+ people can be different from those of cis gender women in heterosexual relationships.


We look forward to helping FearFree alleviate the issue of domestic abuse, and will work to help educate our St Andrews community on domestic abuse whilst providing financial support to assist FearFree in their mission.

dates to know

June 30th: Charity Application Opens

July 24th: Charity Application Closes

July 31st: Elected Charity Notified

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